Disney Distilled Episode #15

Greetings Distillers! We are back with Disney Distilled Episode #15 for your listening and drinking pleasure

For this show, Hosts Mac and Ryan are joined by good friend and fan of the show Chris Dorman- actor, singer, dancer, drinker- the legendary quadruple threat!

Really, though, he’s a man of simple taste, so we’re going with a simple drink, which just so happens to be the rumored preferred beverage of the Mousetro himself, Uncle Walt- the Scotch Mist!

Scotch Mist
The Scotch Mist- Walt’s Favorite!


2 oz Scotch whisky
crushed ice
1 twist lemon peel
Pour whisky over crushed ice, twist lemon peel to release oils into glass, and drop.

On the news menu this episode are park stories from Animal Kingdom, Disneyland Resort, movie news from the land of Zootopia, a brand new  enchanted Disney Kingdoms comic, and even some exciting non-Disney news from the Orlando area!

We even get to answer a few listener questions! (Which, we love by the way- keep ’em coming!)

As promised in the show, here’s a glimpse of the Enchanted Tiki Room comic from Marvel:

Art by Brian Kessinger – Hat tip to ITM


Want to share a Disney-related drink recipe with us? Have some comments about this episode? Have a kind word to spread? Then leave a comment below!

Listen now:

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